Monday, October 24, 2011

Contest: Photo Of The Day

The class chose a winner for the Photo Of The Day contest each afternoon.

Our first POTD winner was: Hannah!

Pretty photo, Hannah!
Keep shooting!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Challenge: Aperture

Time for another CAPTURE challenge!

This week is all about aperture!

You may send in 4 photos. One pair of photos must be of the same subject, and showing different apertures.The other 2 can be of different subjects if you choose.

For the pair of same-subject photos, you may change the angle of the photo as long as you change the aperture. One photo of the pair must be a small aperture (large number) and one must be a large aperture (small number).
If you cannot change the aperture, use 'portrait' mode for the large aperture (small number) and 'landscape' or 'mountains' mode for the small aperture (large number).

Small aperture = more of the subject(s) in the frame will be in focus. A good choice for group (people or objects) photos.
Large aperture = the main subject will be in focus and anything around or behind it will be beautifully blurry. A good choice for portraits, or artistic views of many objects.

Example of large aperture (small number)

Send in your photos HERE by October 26th!

If you haven't taken a CAPTURE class, and want to participate in the challenges, drop us a line!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Spot him yet?

Leave a comment about what he was "thinking" when he tried to get in the photo,
and we will publish our favorite one right here!

Photo by Hannah

Monday, October 10, 2011

Contest: White

One of our contests during the week was "white".

Laura and I selected Julie as the winner!

Way to go, Julie!
Keep up the good work!

Friday, October 7, 2011

capture mascots....

We had some fabulous mascots during CAPTURE last month...

Meet Tory...
Our host's dog was very cute and adorably protective.
She loved greeting everyone each morning (personal doggie fan club!!)
and adopted us as her "pack"...which meant she got to lay down in the
middle of the room where we could all see her.

Meet Waldo...
The ducks at Landa Park (destination of our portrait shoot)
appeared in almost EVERY PORTRAIT.
With absolutely no effort at all :)

Stay tuned for some "Where's Waldo" posts,
in which YOU get to point him out!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

CAPTURE Challenge!

Hello friends!

Laura and I enjoyed every minute with our wonderful class last month :)

We want to continue having fun with ya'll, so this week begins our "continuing education"!

Twice a month, we will post a challenge for you to complete and send in. (email HERE)

This week's is:

Rule of Thirds

1. You may send in up to 4 photos, each one must include the Rule of Thirds.
2. 2 photos must have the subject take up 1/3rd of the frame, 2 photos must have the subject take up 2/3rds of the frame.
3. 2 photos must be of a landscape with the horizon on the upper or lower third.

Send in your photos by October 14th, so we can enter them here on the blog!
Each photo will be accompanied by a simple critique, and you will get a more in-depth critique in a personal email, if you so desire :)

Take your time and have fun! Email us or leave a comment if you have questions!

Rule of Thirds:
Mentally divide the frame (what you see in the viewfinder) into thirds,
and place your subject on one of those third "lines".
The four intersections of the lines are called "sweet spots".
Putting the most important part of your subject on a sweet spot gets you extra points :)

...ok...well, acutally, it is simply a place in a photo that brings order to your composition...
...we like the first idea better....more points = more fun :D

If you have not taken a CAPTURE class but would like to participate in the challenges, drop us a line and we will set you up!